Mobile Application Concept for the Flow Arts Community


Flinto prototype

The Project

Project Overview

Flow Arts have been gaining a lot of population in the last few years. Millions of people all over the world are using props like hula hoops, staffs, levitation wands, and poi to create visual movement art.

As an avid hula hooper, I’ve often wanted better access to other hoopers. Connecting through online avenues has allowed flow artists to learn from each other, share videos and tips, and connect over their passion. Currently, the main methods of connection focus on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

My focus for this mobile application platform is to provide flow artists with ways to connect without the drawbacks of using other social media platforms.

Props offers:
– A marketplace to connect buyers and sellers
– Video sharing
– Connecting teachers and students
– In app messaging
– Tracking of personal progress and learning


Research was conducted to examine market opportunities and user needs.


Using the results from 73 survey respondents I was able to examine the user’s core needs and habits. Respondents were sourced from flow arts communities on existing social networks.

– 78% connect with other flow artists online
– 56% use iPhones and 53% use laptops to watch videos and tutorials
– 46% would like to take classes in person and 20% would like to take classes online
– Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Luminancer are the top applications used to connect with other flow artists.

Market Research:

Social sharing apps (Facebook), video posting apps (Instagram, YouTube), thread based apps (Reddit), and video/photo editing (Luminancer, Prisma) were all used in competitive/comparative analysis.

Initial Sketches


Next Steps

  • Explore threads layout.
  • Conduct additional follow up interviews with survey participants that provided contact information.
  • Explore teacher and student pages.
  • Conduct additional usability testing for prototype to refine layout and flows.