Design comes more naturally when you listen to what people really need.

I’m a UX Designer with a diverse background in psychology, education, and marketing. As an independent and collaborative thinker, I thrive on dynamic teams discovering how users think, behave, and feel when interacting with products. One of my main superpowers is the ability to help teams hone in on how to continually simplify and streamline interfaces to help users navigate with ease.

Scrappy and resourceful, I can easily transition between creating wireframes, creating interactive prototypes, performing usability testing, connecting user insights to business goals, creating high fidelity mockups and whatever else is the highest priority of the moment.

I’m comfortable working in gray areas and constantly strive to bring a calm, considered perspective to the chaotic process of design.

I look forward to creating stellar empathy-driven experiences with you!

If you’re curious to know more about me, check out some of my digital art, or read my writing on Medium.


Contact Me

  • 707.695.3515